Land Of Tennis: Top Ten Ranking, ATP and WTA

This page features information about the top ten tennis players of the ATP and the WTA, including the Entry Ranking and the Championships Race

Both the ATP and the WTA have two rankings: the traditional ranking, also called Entry Ranking, and the new Championships Race.

Explanation: basically, the Entry Ranking ranks the players considering the immediate past 52 weeks and is used for determining qualification for entry and seeding in all tournaments, while the Championships Race ranks the players in calendar-year basis and is useful to show who's "hot" the current year. Usually when you hear: "World number one Roger Federer", they are talking about the Entry Ranking...

ATP Entry Ranking
Position Player Points
1st. Federer, Roger (SWI) 7295
2rd. Nadal, Rafael (SPA) 4625
3rd. Ljubicic, Ivan (CRO) 3315
4th. Nalbandian, David (ARG) 3155
5th. Robredo, Tommy (SPA) 2190
6th. Davydenko, Nikolay (RUS) 2175
7th. Blake, James (USA) 2085
8th. Baghdatis, Marcos (CYP) 1922
9th. Stepanek, Radek (CZE) 1915
10th. Roddick, Andy (USA) 1890
ATP Championships Race Ranking
Position Player Points
1st. Federer, Roger (SWI) 1124
2st. Nadal, Rafael (SPA) 775
3rd. Ljubicic, Ivan (CRO) 415
4th. Nalbandian, David (ARG) 363
5th. Robredo, Tommy (SPA) 344
6th. Baghdatis, Marcos (CYP) 328
7th. Davydenko, Nikolay (RUS) 328
8th. Ancic, Mario (CRO) 318
9th. Blake, James (USA) 315
10th. Roddick, Andy (USA) 294

WTA Entry Ranking
Position Player Points
1st. Mauresmo, Amelie (FRA) 3470
2nd. Henin-Hardenne, J. (BEL) 3078
3rd. Clijsters, Kim (BEL) 3060
4th. Sharapova, Maria (RUS) 2739
5th. Dementieva, Elena (RUS) 2167
6th. Petrova, Nadia (RUS) 2108
7th. Kuznetsova, Svetlana (RUS) 2074
8th. Schnyder, Patty (SWI) 1793
9th. Hingis, Marina (SWI) 1681
10th. Vaidisova, Nicole (CZE) 1623
WTA Championships Race Ranking
Position Player Points
1st. Henin-Hardenne, J. (BEL) 2786
2nd. Mauresmo, Amelie (FRA) 2372
3rd. Sharapova, Maria (RUS) 2072
4th. Clijsters, Kim (BEL) 1859
5th. Kuznetsova, Svetlana (RUS) 1834
6th. Petrova, Nadia (RUS) 1485
7th. Dementieva, Elena (RUS) 1481
8th. Hingis, Marina (SWI) 1471
9th. Schnyder, Patty (SWI) 1229
10th. Vaidisova, Nicole (CZE) 1064

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