Men's Tennis:
Grand Slam Tournament Champions by Year

Full list of winners, year by year, of the four men's Grand Slam tournaments, this is, all the champions of the Australian Open, the French Open, the US Open and Wimbledon in single competition.

* The French Open became and international event in 1925 and only from that year it is considered a Grand Slam tournament.

Men's Tennis: Grand Slam Tournament Champions by Year - Singles

Year Australian OpenFrench OpenUS OpenWimbledon
1980Brian TeacherBjörn BorgJohn McEnroeBjörn Borg
1979Guillermo VilasBjörn BorgJohn McEnroeBjörn Borg
1978Guillermo VilasBjörn BorgJimmy ConnorsBjörn Borg
1977Vitas Gerulaitis / Roscoe TannerGuillermo VilasGuillermo VilasBjörn Borg
1976Mark EdmondsonAdriano PanattaJimmy ConnorsBjörn Borg
1975John NewcombeBjörn BorgManuel OrantesArthur Ashe
1974Jimmy ConnorsBjörn BorgJimmy ConnorsJimmy Connors
1973John NewcombeIlie NastaseJohn NewcombeJan Kodeš
1972Ken RosewallAndrés GimenoIlie NastaseStan Smith
1971Ken RosewallJan KodešStan SmithJohn Newcombe
1970Arthur AsheJan KodešKen RosewallJohn Newcombe
1969Rod LaverRod LaverRod LaverRod Laver
1968William BowreyKen RosewallArthur AsheRod Laver
1967Roy EmersonRoy EmersonJohn NewcombeJohn Newcombe
1966Roy EmersonTony RocheFred StolleManuel Santana
Year Australian OpenFrench OpenUS OpenWimbledon
1965Roy EmersonFred StolleManuel SantanaRoy Emerson
1964Roy EmersonManuel SantanaRoy EmersonRoy Emerson
1963Roy EmersonRoy EmersonRafael OsunaChuck McKinley
1962Rod LaverRod LaverRod LaverRod Laver
1961Roy EmersonManuel SantanaRoy EmersonRod Laver
1960Rod LaverNicola PietrangeliNeale FraserNeale Fraser
1959Alex OlmedoNicola PietrangeliNeale FraserAlex Olmedo
1958Ashley CooperMervyn RoseAshley CooperAshley Cooper
1957Ashley CooperSven DavidsonMalcolm AndersonLew Hoad
1956Lew HoadLew HoadKen RosewallLew Hoad
1955Ken RosewallTony TrabertTony TrabertTony Trabert
1954Mervyn RoseTony TrabertVic SeixasJaroslav Drobný
1953Ken RosewallKen RosewallTony TrabertVic Seixas
1952Ken McGregorJaroslav DrobnýFrank SedgmanFrank Sedgman
1951Dick SavittJaroslav DrobnýFrank SedgmanDick Savitt
Year Australian OpenFrench OpenUS OpenWimbledon
1950Frank SedgmanBudge PattyArthur LarsenBudge Patty
1949Frank SedgmanFrank ParkerPancho GonzalesTed Schroeder
1948Adrian QuistFrank ParkerPancho GonzalesBob Falkenburg
1947Dinny PailsJózsef AsbóthJack KramerJack Kramer
1946John BromwichMarcel BernardJack KramerYvon Petra
1945(World War II)(World War II)Frank Parker(World War II)
1944(World War II)(World War II)Frank Parker(World War II)
1943(World War II)(World War II)Joseph Hunt(World War II)
1942(World War II)(World War II)Ted Schroeder(World War II)
1941(World War II)(World War II)Bobby Riggs(World War II)
1940Adrian Quist(World War II)Don McNeill(World War II)
1939John BromwichDon McNeillBobby RiggsBobby Riggs
1938Don BudgeDon BudgeDon BudgeDon Budge
1937Vivian McGrathHenner HenkelDon BudgeDon Budge
1936Adrian QuistGottfried von CrammFred PerryFred Perry
Year Australian OpenFrench OpenUS OpenWimbledon
1935Jack CrawfordFred PerryWilmer AllisonFred Perry
1934Fred PerryGottfried von CrammFred PerryFred Perry
1933Jack CrawfordJack CrawfordFred PerryJack Crawford
1932Jack CrawfordHenri CochetEllsworth VinesEllsworth Vines
1931Jack CrawfordJean BorotraEllsworth VinesSidney Wood
1930Edgar MoonHenri CochetJohn DoegBill Tilden
1929Colin GregoryRené LacosteBill TildenHenri Cochet
1928Jean BorotraHenri CochetHenri CochetRené Lacoste
1927Gerald PattersonRené LacosteRené LacosteHenri Cochet
1926John HawkesHenri CochetRené LacosteJean Borotra
1925James AndersonRené LacosteBill TildenRené Lacoste
1924James Anderson(French players only)Bill TildenJean Borotra
1923Pat O'Hara Wood(French players only)Bill TildenBill Johnston
1922James Anderson(French players only)Bill TildenGerald Patterson
1921Rhys Gemmell(French players only)Bill TildenBill Tilden
Year Australian OpenFrench OpenUS OpenWimbledon
1920Pat O'Hara Wood(French players only)Bill TildenBill Tilden
1919Algernon Kingscote(World War I)Bill JohnstonGerald Patterson
1918(World War I)(World War I)Robert Lindley Murray(World War I)
1917(World War I)(World War I)Robert Lindley Murray(World War I)
1916(World War I)(World War I)Richard Norris Williams(World War I)
1915Gordon Lowe(World War I)Bill Johnston(World War I)
1914Arthur O'Hara Wood(French players only)Richard Norris WilliamsNorman Brookes
1913Ernie Parker(French players only)Maurice McLoughlinAnthony Wilding
1912James Cecil Parke(French players only)Maurice McLoughlinAnthony Wilding
1911Norman Brookes(French players only)William LarnedAnthony Wilding
1910Rodney Heath(French players only)William LarnedAnthony Wilding
1909Anthony Wilding(French players only)William LarnedArthur Gore
1908Fred Alexander(French players only)William LarnedArthur Gore
1907Horace Rice(French players only)William LarnedNorman Brookes
1906Anthony Wilding(French players only)William ClothierLaurence Doherty
Year Australian OpenFrench OpenUS OpenWimbledon
1905Rodney Heath(French players only)Beals WrightLaurence Doherty
1904-(French players only)Holcombe WardLaurence Doherty
1903-(French players only)Laurence DohertyLaurence Doherty
1902-(French players only)William LarnedLaurence Doherty
1901-(French players only)William LarnedArthur Gore
1900-(French players only)Malcolm WhitmanReginald Doherty
1899-(French players only)Malcolm WhitmanReginald Doherty
1898-(French players only)Malcolm WhitmanReginald Doherty
1897-(French players only)Robert WrennReginald Doherty
1896-(French players only)Robert WrennHarold Mahony
1895-(French players only)Frederick HoveyWilfred Baddeley
1894-(French players only)Robert WrennJoshua Pim
1893-(French players only)Robert WrennJoshua Pim
1892-(French players only)Oliver CampbellWilfred Baddeley
1891-(French players only)Oliver CampbellWilfred Baddeley
Year Australian OpenFrench OpenUS OpenWimbledon
1890--Oliver CampbellWilloughby Hamilton
1889--Henry SlocumWilliam Renshaw
1888--Henry SlocumErnest Renshaw
1887--Richard SearsHerbert Lawford
1886--Richard SearsWilliam Renshaw
1885--Richard SearsWilliam Renshaw
1884--Richard SearsWilliam Renshaw
1883--Richard SearsWilliam Renshaw
1882--Richard SearsWilliam Renshaw
1881--Richard SearsWilliam Renshaw
1880---John Hartley
1879---John Hartley
1878---Frank Hadow
1877---Spencer Gore